As I reach something of a milestone in my own life later this year, I have been reflecting on how best to take that work forward to ensure my charities can keep doing the best for those people that they have been set up to help.”

HRH The Prince of Wales about the reoganization of The Prince’s Charities

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Charities Review

This year, The Prince’s Charities have evolved to become a more streamlined and efficiently run set of organisations. Following an independent review carried out ahead of The Prince’s 70th birthday and led by former Marks & Spencer CEO, Marc Bolland, with the support of the Chief Executives of The Prince’s Charities, the work has ensured that The Prince’s own time with the charities, whilst not being reduced, was used to greater effect. 

The changes announced in March include:

An expanded Prince’s Trust Group 

A newly enlarged Prince’s Trust Group that will include the work of The Prince’s Trust alongside a new network comprising activity previously carried out by The Prince’s Charities Canada, Australia and New Zealand and The Prince’s Trust International. The new group will continue The Trust’s work in providing meaningful help to disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and will now also provide support for indigenous groups and environmental projects.

The Prince’s Foundation

A new organisation made up of The Dumfries House Trust, The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, The Prince’s School for Traditional Arts and The Prince’s Regeneration Trust. The new Prince’s Foundation will focus on promoting the built environment, heritage, culture and education projects primarily across the U.K.

A new role as Royal Founding Patron

The Prince will take on a new role of Royal Founding Patron with his remaining charities that will formalise the amount of time he spends with each one individually and as a group. The British Asian Trust, Business in the Community, Turquoise Mountain, The Prince’s Teaching Institute, In Kind Direct, PRIME Cymru, The Cambridge Institute For Sustainability Leadership and The Royal Drawing School will enjoy greater clarity around where and how they will interact with The Prince allowing them to make greater use of their time with him across the year.

These changes will continue to be complemented by the work of His Royal Highness’s grant giving charity The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation (PWCF). In the last ten years alone the PWCF has given more than £52m in small and medium sized grants for issues ranging from support for sustainable farming methods, flood damaged communities in rural areas of the U.K. to wildlife anti-poaching initiatives in Malawi and humanitarian relief.

As I look at the results of this reorganization, I have a strong sense of optimism and anticipation for what more may be achieved. These changes do not mean I am stepping back from my charitable work or downsizing in any way – it is simply an opportunity to work more efficiently and, I hope, to even greater effect. I look forward to many more years of building on the important work that has been achieved to date.”

The Prince of Wales speaking about
the new charities structure

To take just one small example, over the last forty-one years my Prince’s Trust has helped more than 870,000 young people in the U.K. and now increasingly overseas, my Prince’s Trust International, to overcome seemingly impossible problems to turn their lives around; by, for instance, setting up their own enterprises – of which there are now nearly 90,000 one of which I am proud to say is Jimmy Choo.”

The Prince of Wales Speaking
about The Prince’s Trust

When I first had the initial idea for the Trust, following my visits to India and Pakistan in 2006, I could scarcely have dared to dream that it would have the remarkable success that it has since enjoyed and that it would touch the lives of so many people in need across South Asia.”

The Prince of Wales speaking about
The British Asian Trust

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